‘Ken humano’ muestra imágenes de su ‘nuevo rostro’ tras una cirugía correctiva


Este hombre es conocido alrededor del mundo por sus decenas de cirugías plásticas que lo han llevado a ser nombrado como el ‘Ken humano’. Su nombre es Rodrigo Alves y a pesar de todas las intervenciones por las que ha pasado, todavía no está conforme con su aspecto porque acaba de someterse a su cirugía número 69.

“Noté que mi cara empezaba a cambiar de forma natural: mis labios se achicaban, mis ojos, nariz y mejillas caían. En la víspera de Año Nuevo, me miré y pensé: ‘Año nuevo, nueva cara’ y reservé las cirugías”,contóRodrigo sobre cómo decidió comenzar con este procedimiento.

“Pero cuando los cirujanos abrieron mi cara, estaba lleno de fibrosis que debían extirpar, les tomó tanto tiempo que no pudieron reemplazar mi implante de mentón de silicona. Les tomó cinco horas para la revisión de cara, ojos y labios, y para eliminar toda la fibrosis y 200 hilos dentro de mi cara”, agregó esta celebridad.

Alves se ha gastado alrededor de 800 mil dólares en cirugías para inyectarse bótox, extirparse costillas, hacerse rinoplastias e incluso implantes de pectorales y cuenta con más de 770 mil seguidores en su Instagram, red social en la que ha ido contando toda su transformación a través de los años.

Aquí puedes ver su nuevo aspecto:

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New year & New Face! After 62 plastic surgeries there is a maintenance in order to keep up with the ageless look. Botox and Fillers isn’t plastic surgery it is a aesthetic treatment that improves and helps to Mascaraed the natural ageing process, I am not getting any younger and naturally my face is changing. Due to my hectic life style I often look very tired for that I had a PRP treatment and masotheraphy with @doctornoori at @parsianbeauty it improves the dark circles under the eyes and the quality of the skin and masotheraphy improves the hair growth. Due to too much Botox my eye brown dropped once and the amazing Dr Ghobadi . Was able to fix it, now we will be having a templelift along side, eye lift, cheek lift and middle face lift and a lip lift BASICALLY will is lifting my entire face! 👶🏻 my current chin implant is still too big and due to my gain in weight after Xmas I now need a lipo under my jaw and jaw line the amazing Dr @drilkhani will be fixing that and perfecting my face to the maximum ! A big thank you to @dr.m.sadr and the amazing team at @parsianbeauty for such amazing hospitality here in #tehran I am very happy to be here ! #rodrigoalves #plasticsurgery

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After so many plastic surgeries there is a maintenance and a commitment, I am not getting any younger and naturally my face is changing, cheeks get lower, also the lips drops, along side the eyes and everything else. Most of us do not accept the natural ageing process by using face creams and serums that doesn’t work and promise you wonders and thanks to the tech-knowledge nowadays and good plastic surgeons I have being able to reinvent my self and became the happy & bright person that I am today. My mind matches my body and souls and that is what matters to me. To be happy ! I would like to thank you the professionals from @parsianbeauty for such an amazing support and great work ! and obviously dr @dr.m.sadr @drilkhani & dr Ghobadi for such an amazing job so far. My next procedure will be the replacement of my chin implants for a V shape small, then next Monday I am having a revision of my nose using cartilage from my ribs, I shall be able to show you the final results of my face upgrade in 4 weeks ! Stay tuned on my insta stories ! Full article on #dailymail https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-6590627/Human-Ken-Doll-Rodrigo-Alves-reveals-gruesome-results-five-hour-face-reduction-surgery.html @dailymail @dailymail.co.uk @dailymailtv @thedailydailymail #rodrigoalves #plasticsurgery #kendoll

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